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Food Match GOLD

4.0 ( 8720 ratings )
Health & Fitness Yiyecek ve İçecek
Geliştirici: Try Sports Now, LLC
9.99 USD

What will happen if you mix cucumbers and milk together in your stomach? Likely, nothing pleasant. So, lets find the best "companion" for fresh cucumbers and enjoy the tasty combination without bad consequences. No, you dont need to search the Internet for long hours! We offer you a very simple and fast way to learn which products should or shouldnt be combined - watch out the Food Match GOLD!

How it works?
1. Add two products (youre going to mix) in "bubbles" and see if they are compatible or not;
2. Get useful and comprehensive information about products and decide whether to combine them or not.

Food Match GOLD main features:
- Keep yourself healthy avoiding "bad" product combinations;
- Mix different units - from vegetables to nuts - and make right decisions;
- Set your own images of products and create the interface that will perfectly suit your relish;
- Add your own products to the list;
- Learn new combinations and try them in real life;
- Save yourself from infelicitous food experiments.

Food Match GOLD is a good helper for every foody! Dont be afraid of toxication any more!